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My Services


I provide presence, deep listening, and intuitive reflection to support the  exploration of the questions, challenges, or changes that arise, accompanying individuals on the journey to live fully and in reciprocity.  The initial session is always free, and after there is a sliding scale.


Partners/Family Journeying Together

Our partnerships, intimate and otherwise, are an integral part of our spiritual path, growth, and challenges. I offer sessions for all involved to explore together where they are, where they have been, and where they are going independently and interdependently.


I offer short-term group support focused around either a particular topic, such as exploring the spiritual dimensions of epilepsy, or surviving grief, or embodied spirituality; or within a particular group identity, such as spiritual direction for survivors, or queer spirituality; or within a already formed group such as a ministry team or staff.  These groups are not regularly offered, but happen as the demand arises.  Folks may be put on a list to be notified if and when the group is being offered.


I give workshops on a variety of topics including movement as meditation, Celtic spirituality, activism and spirituality, nonbinary images of the divine, queer theology, and more.  For a full list or questions about other workshops possibilities, contact me. 


I am a Reiki Master and offer Reiki as an optional companion practice to individual (verbal) spiritual direction.  I do not offer Reiki sessions solely.  

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