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Holding and Looking

First published in Radical Discipleship

The sea holds our sin.

As levels rise, as ice melts, as whales and birds wash up on shores dead from the plastic and metal in their bellies, as people wash up on shore dead from desire for safety, and our refusal to give shelter. The sea holds our sin.

The desert holds our sin.

As it grows, as soil degrades and water evaporates, as bottles of water are kicked over and people arrested for leaving them, as bodies rot in the heat dead from the desire to thrive, and our refusal to see them as human. The desert holds our sin.

Children hold our sin.

As they turn to technology for community, as they struggle under the weight of despair for their future, as bodies are buried suicide videos pleading, “Fix society. Please.” Children hold our sin.

I am searching for comfort, searching for hope, looking, like Bono, for American soul; for cruelty replaced by kindness division replaced by appreciation contempt replaced by compassion.

I am looking for Jesus, not the glittering image of passive piety, but rather the miracle worker the revolutionary the one who fed the starving without fear of having enough later without asking for greencards or place of address.

I am looking for those who would close their mouth and open their hands, who would lower their wall and open their hearts, who would not be an ally but rather a force.

I am looking for raging light in the midst of all this deepening darkness.

I am looking for you.

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