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I grew up in San Diego communing with ocean and desert and studying the performing arts.  I moved to Massachusetts to study at Hampshire College. While there I studied spiritual expression through writing and dance culminating in a year-long project focused around Mary Magdalene. For the next decade I worked with survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence in the community, in high schools, colleges, and domestic violence shelters.  At Yale Divinity School I studied liberation theologies and reconciliation becoming an ordained United Church of Christ minister in 2004.  I went on to serve as a parish minister and was the founding Director of Spiritual Life at Hampshire College for 14 years.  Currently in addition to providing individual spiritual direction and writing, I am one of the founders of la Alianza de Trans Solicitantes de Asilo Minesterios (Trans Asylum Seekers Ministry Alliance) an interfaith network providing support to Trans Asylum Seekers.


Spiritual Director

Beyond Yale, I studied spiritual direction at Still Harbor, "where spirituality and social justice meet."  Still Harbor trains spiritual directors from the standpoint of the understanding of spirituality as that which cultivates the imagination, courage and resilience to create a more kind, equitable, and sustainable world.  Although below this paragraph you will see a list of work I've done over the last few decades, my experience comes also from those I love and who love me, those who have formed me in education, inspiration, and the ancestors whose blood and bone fed mine.  My experience comes from my work for justice in the world, my comittment to dismantling white supremacy and oppression of all kinds, embodying a theology of reconciliation, and learning to walk with reciprocity in relationship to the earth as a whole. 



Seala ag Canadh Spiritual Direction


Director of Spiritual Life


Spiritual Direction Certification, Still Harbor


Faculty Associate


Parish Ministry


Director of Women's Center


Clinical Pastoral Education, Baystate Hospital


Yale Divinity School, MDiv


Rape Crisis Counselor


Hampshire College, BA

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