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Spiritual Direction  moving beyond binaries & borders

Connecting to the healing within

Seala Ag Candadh Spiritual Direction offers

deep listening and an accompanying presence to reflect and experience with conscious awareness

the journey of life 


Rev Liza M. Neal

I am a spiritual director, writer, and traveler.  I have spent more than two decades counseling survivors; providing pastoral care and spiritual direction to young adults, elders, Queer folx, and spiritual leaders, both within and outside a fatih context. I am an ordained United Church of Christ minister with a Celtic spiritual practice, studying canonical and noncanonical, Christian and Multifaith, embodied, and nonbinary visions of the Divine.  I live with my partner, child, dog, two cats, and six chickens in a place that is not quite close enough to the ocean but is close to flowing water.


I provide presence, deep listening, and intuitive reflection to support the  exploration of the questions, challenges, or changes that arise, accompanying individuals on the journey to live fully and in reciprocity. 


I give workshops on a variety of topics including movement as meditation, Celtic spirituality, activism and spirituality, nonbinary images of the divine, queer theology, and more. 


I'm a Reiki Master offering Reiki as an optional companion practice with the individual (verbal) spiritual direction. 

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